Thursday, 6 September 2012

A cute little birthday card

A mixed media illustration of some yummy ice creams

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Pieces of Work

Here is a few illustrations I have been working on lately.......

Title: Mr. Brown Bear
 I did this painting as a christening present

Title: Bulldog 
 I had this drawing on show at Mustard coffee shop Norwich

This is a banner I did for Ipswich Zine group web page. Each time you refresh the page a new banner shows up. 

Welcome to my blog. I will be blogging about anything arty. I will update you with what I am up to in the world of art.

I currently have a collection of paintings up in Cherry Leaf coffee shop. The theme of my collection is the sea side. I wanted to explore this theme as I was working on the paintings in the summer and it got me in the holiday mood. I enjoyed working in pen and acrylic paint to create my collection.

This painting is called Scribble Whale. I really like the playful look of the whale, he sure looks like he is having a whale of a time with the boat on his tale.

This is an acrylic painting I did from a visit to Wells On Sea. It is called Boats At Sea. I went for a loose line for the boats to create a floating feel to the painting.

This painting below is called The Whole Ocean Is Made Up Of Little droplets. It is full of texture that I created with lots of layers of acrylic paint.